Cleaning 35mm and 70mm film with Vitafilm




(Recommended for 35mm & 70mm)

Brush-On Method

This method works best using a 3" core. (35mm pictured)

Wind 2 to 3 feet of leader around the core as shown.

(The leader enables the center hole of the film to be large enough to easily reinsert the core after VITAFILM® treatment.)

Hold the leader in place until it wraps around itself.

Keep wrapping until all of the leader is around the core. Keep finger pressure so the leader will not unwrap.

Take the end of the film that you plan to soak and slide it inside the leader.

Wrap the film around itself several times just as you did the leader. Keep finger pressure on the film to hold it in place.

Place core on the open split reel as shown. Keep the film tight with your thumb so it will stay on core.

Screw flange in place and wind film onto split reel.

After film is wound on split reel, remove flange.

Place bottom of empty film can over exposed roll.

Carefully lift split reel and can. While holding them together, turn can & reel over as shown.

Remove core and leader.

Pour approx. 2 ounces per 2000 feet of 16mm film, 4 ounces per 2000 feet of 35 mm film and 8 ounces per 2000 feet of 70mm film into a glass measuring cup. Use a clean paint brush and generously apply VITAFILM® to roll. It is only necessary to paint one side of the film because gravity and capillary action will distribute the liquid evenly.

Be sure to use the recommended amount of VITAFILM® to insure good results. If film seems saturated before the recommended amount is applied, close can and wait a few minutes then continue to apply. Close lid and carefully place can on shelf for 90-180 days.

Because the film no longer has a core, be very careful when moving the can.DO NOT allow film to slide causing it to distort the center hole. If film dries in this condition, it will be impossible to place core in center. If this should happen, gently push ends of film to make hole round again. Place core briefly in hole to be sure it still fits.


It is very important to leave can closed so VITAFILM® will be slowly absorbed into the base of the film, rather than evaporated into the air. Best results are obtained with a room temperature of 65 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit with 40-50% relative humidity. To determine if film is dry, place your thumb in the center hole, and your index finger on the outer edge of the film and gently squeeze to see if any liquid is visible. Film should be 100% dry before removing from can. Film will still have the odor of VITAFILM®. This will diminish in time. Film is now ready to use. Although rarely necessary, you may reapply VITAFILM® several times without any adverse effect.

To remove film from can, place core in center of roll (without leader).

Place flange over film as shown.

Carefully pickup can and core holding them together.

Carefully turn can and flange over.

Remove bottom of can.

Screw flange in place and wind film onto reel. Wind carefully as film is not tight on core.

  • 1 Quart Can of Vitafilm